About Me

I grew up in Southern California, spending my time playing soccer and getting into trouble. I attended San Clemente High School, spending my time wrestling and staying out of trouble. For college, I decided to move as far away as I could, but still stay in state. So off to Humboldt State University I went - at first, UC Santa Barbara was my top choice, but after seeing the redwoods in Northern California, I was sold.

Initially a geology major, I still hadn't taken a geology class after two years. I had however, continued taking mathematics and English courses, pretty much thinking that was supposed to be done, just as it was in high school. Half way through my second year, when I was about to take Calculus III, I saw another mathematics course that looked interesting. But, I didn't know if one was allowed to take more than one course in the same subject area, again thinking along the lines of high school.

I decided that if I changed my major to mathematics, then no one would be able to stop me. So out of this silly rebellion came a BA in Mathematics from Humboldt State University. After completing the degree and getting a job offer doing mathematics in fisheries biology and ecology, I felt that I wasn't quite done learning. So I decided to head farther north to the University of Idaho, where I completed an MS in Mathematics. I was in the PhD program at Idaho for a year, but sort of hit a wall and decided that I was more interested in teaching than research.

While teaching full time at the University of Idaho for a year, I looked for employment at a community college. I think I applied to about 60 schools in the Western U.S., and I got a whopping 2 interviews. I blew the first one and got hired at the second, Imperial Valley College in the Southern California lower desert. This is where I learned what hot really was. The first month I lived there, I experienced daily 120+ degree heat, burned my hands on my steering wheel, and took some skin off my legs on my leather car seats. Needless to say, after three years, it was time to move on.

I came to Santa Barbara City College in the Fall of 2001. While here, I have taught courses ranging from beginning algebra through differential equations and served a term as department chair. When I am not teaching, preparing to teach, grading, and writing things to be graded, I try to fit in as much Los Angeles Kings hockey, Arsenal football, birding, fly fishing, punk rock, bowling, photography, and beer as I can.

In between semesters, I am known for taking lengthy road trips around the country. In the Summer 2010 I trekked to Alaska, my 50th state visited. In 6 weeks, I put 12,300 miles on my truck, hiked (and fell) on a glacier, drove backroads that most people never see, landed on a glacier on the upper slopes of Mt. Denali in an 8-person plane, partied with the locals in the capital of the Yukon Territory, got rained on a lot, went on a glacier cruise, drank beers with some Deadliest Catch guys, played frisbee golf in downtown Anchorage with some locals, almost got into a fight with a moose, a wolf, and a grizzly bear, and most importantly, just sat and stared.